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- 100% Synthetisch

- Hoge kwaliteits race olie

- Bestand tegen hoge temperaturen

- Verminderd aanslag in de motor

- Voor motoren met een max toerental van boven 7500 RPM

Yacco AVX 1000 volsynthetische 2-takt olie

17,00 €Prijs
  • AVX 1000 2T is 100 % synthetic oil specifically developed to meet the requirement of main Ultra LightAircraft engines manufacturers.

    AVX 1000 2T is particularly adapted to 2-stroke injection or carburetor engines including those operating under severe service conditions (racing, training, banner towing, etc.).

    Esters synthetic bases provide an exceptional resistance to high temperature, preventing engines seizure.

    AVX 1000 2T reduces clogging in the exhaust system, lights and pistons.

    AVX 1000 2T provides excellent anti-smoke performances.

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