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A very strong fiberglass helmet like the the shell of the scarab. Designed by Ignazio Bernardi, built using the same technology as in military applications.




  • high-modulus glass fibre and high-density polystyrol
  • Interchangeable internal padding
  • Certification E.N. 966
  • Sizes: 54 mm (XS) to 62 mm (XL)
  • 750 grams

HsCom Scarab

PrijsVanaf 470,00 €
  • 3 mm thickness polycarbonate shell

    • Additional polycarbonate layer to reinforce the polystyrene interior
    • Interchangeable internal padding
    • Wheel regulator to ensure a perfect fit
    • Certification E.N. 966
    • 550 grams
    • 2 types of visor: transparent and brown (Optional)


    Colours available: Orange, White, Green and Carbon Optic

    Options:Visor (long / short)

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